satisfied customer



“Hi! I just bought my magnetic charger yesterday. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use it yet. It seems that it suffering from a malfunction. Should I just ship it back? Do you know what probably is wrong with my charging device? Please help.”


“Hi @MildredY, let me see if I can help you with that. Did you try to check out the manual before you tried out the device? Back when I bought my charger from Znaps, I thought it was broken as well. But when I called their customer service hotline to possibly request for a refund, the walked me through the proper way of using it. Apparently, I made a mistake in inserting the charger head to the bottom half of the micro connector. It needs to be inserted firmly until you hear a slight snap which indicates the two parts fitting perfectly together. If you are not able to hear that tiny click then it is possible that the charger and the micro connector is not working properly. When you plug your charger, there should also be a light there indicating that there is power. The absence of such means that your connector is not connected properly.”


“@Coreen thanks for the advice. I finally made my charger work. It seems that the problem is that the charger itself is not connected with the micro connector. It’s exactly what you said. But I already fixed it now. I also tried using it and so far, I am satisfied with the outcome. Super love this charger!”


“Hi. How did you find using the charger? I’m planning to buy one myself but I’m still looking for good reviews about it. I would like to know if it is as effective as they say it is, or if there is negative feedback. I appreciate it if you can help me.”