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About Us

Znaps is known to be a company making breakthroughs when it comes to technology. The people behind this company always make it a point to improve the existing machines now to make it even better than ever. Their mission is to provide convenience to the people.

They started their operation in 2001. But Mark Schneider, the co-owner, has already been making inventions after inventions years before that. He usually does this as a hobby since he has a full-time work at an international software company. All the inventions he creates are often used by him and his family for personal consumption. What is distinct about his inventions is that it is always made in micro sizes because he believes that less is more. He doesn’t want the added bulk to hamper the function of the product to the people.

It was in 1997 when his invention was dragged into the spotlight by his boss, John Markovich. He was astounded with the glass coffee maker he has invented. He then started asking questions about what other inventions Schneider hides. When he was able to witness a few, he found this as a business opportunity that would be a good investment. He encouraged Schneider to improve it and put it out to the public with Markovich backing him up with resources. That is where the partnership between the two starts and that’s what also jumpstarted the Znaps.

Znaps has already several inventions that were widely embraced by the public. It has already made hundreds of sales that earn the company their place at the heart of the people. But what is more beautiful is the foundation this company has created from the profits they earn. Their mission is to help homeless individuals by helping them with their education. They provide scholarships which in return created a better future for those people they help.