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    Convenience Snapping Can Give You

    Cellphone or mobile phones are among the convenient creations technology has given us. It allows us to connect with people all over the world as long as it could be reached by a cellular site. With the presence of the internet, our mobile phones are even made better than ever. It doesn’t just allow it to function for calls and text messages, now you could feel closer to your loved ones through video chatting and by sending electronic mails. Plus, there is the presence of the social media that allow people to mingle and socialize remotely. Mobile phones also alleviate stress and boredom by allowing one to download games and applications in it. Truly, mobile phones have become a necessary commodity in the lives of people.

    Mobile phones have batteries. They function through constant refueling of that battery. The mobile phones come with a charger that could be used when charging the phones. However, sometimes the pulling and pushing of the plug on the slot allotted for it on the phone can cause the charger to get damaged easily. Not only that, chargers prove to be a difficult thing to attach and detach especially in the dark. Of course, you have already victimized by your phone going off at the most inopportune times especially at night, right? If so, then you are first to know how the darkness can hamper your progress in plugging in your phone.

    It is a good thing that such won’t anymore be a source of the problem. Znaps brings to you a better and easier way of charging. Now you won’t feel hassled anymore with the specially designed magnetic adapter for your mobile phones. The function is even made better because this charger is fast-charging. It allows your drained phone to have its must-needed juice by just spending half the time you usually need in fully charging your mobile phones. Really convenient, isn’t it? Plus the connection is just a snap away.

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    The idea is we are providing you with a Znaps kit. This is a micro connector that would work for either an Android or an ios device. The micro connector can break down into two parts: 1) the one that is inserted to the head of the charger that comes with your device, 2) the one that is inserted to the charging slot of the phone. These two parts are connected by magnets. So when you want to pull your phones off the charger, all you need to do is snap it and it would automatically disconnect. Very neat, indeed.

    Other advantages of this product by Znaps is that we have micro-connectors which allow you to insert it to any type of mobile covers you have. So you won’t have to ditch your existing mobile covers just to make way for this one. This product is also easy to plug and detach, it is waterproof which prevents water or moisture from seeping into the phone sockets, it is incorporated with LED indicator that tells you whether your device is charging or not, and it has cable protection which prevents your charger heads from being damaged easily. You can also use this in synchronizing your data, and this kit is very affordable.

    Why don’t you drive out of your garage door in Tempe today to try out this product that we offer? We promise you that you won’t regret it. For more info, kindly email us so we can address it immediately.